The fundraising to buyout Crimea from Russia by 2030

Missing Crimea? Once upon a time the USA bought the Alaska for $7,000,000. Our Crimea can also be returned to Ukraine for the modern cryptocurrency. All we need is sum of 5000 bitcoins. My name is Andrey Holchev. I am the chairman of public organization «Our Bitcoin». And I suggest you to buyout Crimea together. If it possible to get 5000 bitcoins, I will appeal to the President of the Russian Federation for the Autonomous Republic of Crimea to be returned to Ukraine. Time goes by. Although thecost of each bitcoin is not high as it can be in 2030 (nearly $5,000,000). Therefore, I ask all the Ukrainian patriots to join the action and send money to the public organization «Our Bitcoin» accounts. Thanks for the great support!

Hall of Fame

Account in BTC: 1JR5w5X5wUAMrHEcWTw

Account in ETH: 0xf03b0816e04c1e4a3da6ea03

Account in WAVES: 3P78mSZ4MnDfFeCLRZ381

Account in BCH: 1HpYFmxXRT9J9kS7wWiakw

Account at PrivatBank: 5169330509198708

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